Amber: Reflective PE packer

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Amber is a proof of concept packer for bypassing security products and mitigations. It can pack regularly compiled PE files into reflective payloads that can load and execute itself like a shellcode. It enables stealthy in-memory payload deployment that can be used to bypass anti-virus, firewall, IDS, IPS products and application white-listing mitigations.

For generating the actual Amber payload first packer creates a memory mapping image of the malware, generated memory mapping file contains all sections, optional PE header and null byte padding for unallocated memory space between sections.

After obtaining the mapping of the malware, packer checks the ASLR compatibility of the supplied EXE, if the EXE is ASLR compatible packer adds the related Amber stub if not it uses the stub for EXE files that have fixed image base. From this point, Amber payload is completed. Below image describes the Amber payload inside the target process

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